Phon.o - biography

At the end of the last millennium, East German buddies Carsten and Sascha went out into the big wide world – to Berlin. Sascha became Apparat, Carsten turned into Phon.o. Since then, Phon.o released a number of 12 inches, EPs and two albums on labels such as Cytrax, Detroit Underground, Normoton, Tigerbeat6 and T.Raumschmiere’s Shitkatapult. His last album Burn Down The Town, released in 2005 on Shitkatapult, is a firework of techno, booty hip hop and eurocrunk. It made vocalists such as Kevin Blechdom, Gold Chains and Detroit MC Stadik fight over the mic. 


Phon.o - Burn Down The Town - 2LP/CD
Phon.o - Trick or Treat - 12" + rmxs by Funkstörung & Kit Clayton
Phon.o - Shortcuts / Compact 5 (100 Locked Grooves on a 12")

Phon.o - Mokkastuebchen EP

Phon.o - Bockflinte EP

Phon.o - Partition B - CD
Phon.o - Typodub EP

Phon.o - Modul EP