Notic Nastic - biography

notic nastic is an anonymous electronic music machine comprised of neon fantasy geeks from new york and berlin. they are based in berlin and produce music that might be described as pumping, popped out, strangely addictive electronic bon-bons. they specialize in twisted vocals and freaky beats which they display in a hard, hot and happy live set.
on stage a girl/boy duo wears glowing, flashing freaked out masks reminicent of alien empire meets ancient egyptian princesses on acid. notic nastic (sometimes accompanied by an entourage of glowing in the dark dancers!) litterally dances their pants off while serenading the audience and twisting and contorting to the beat. the show has been known to inspire a range of reactions including arousal, fainting and psychosis. (actually true)
the sensitive little aliens of notic nastic are not only anonymous because mystery is cool and exciting. they say people should get sucked in so deeply that they feel that big, banging universal power connection everyone is buzzing about. we're all one, baby!

now notic nastic releases their debut album on march 19, 2010 on shitkatapult (

previous releases:
vinyl-eps on tonkind (berlin) and liebe*detail (hamburg);
on compilations like mercedes-mix-tape, tsugi mag paris, berlin-music-commission

promo: zuri[at]
booking: mo[at]
label: meteo[at]
publishing & sync: jmu[at]
management: ionkaiser[at]