Khan - biography

"The more information you get, the less fantasy you have." - Andy Warhol

International troubadour and Berlin resident Khan and his "Enlightenment Machine" present the second release for the new music platform Albumlabel from the Random Noize Musick company, internationally known as a publisher under the same name (with Apparat, Oval, Raz Ohara and Phon.o, among others) and for its label Shitkatapult. Following Raz Ohara - Moksha (ALB001), Khan now comes with The Enlightenment Machine (ALB002), a specific yet very free model for understanding music in an album format: novel-like, clear-cut, scattered, lovestruck. Likewise, on both records, the machines support the feelings, the instruments the voices, and the songs the tracks.
Cover Foto von Paul Graves