Daniel Meteo - biography

Jack of all Trades, Daniel Meteo (born 1973 in marburg , grown up in essen, moved to cologne and escaped finally to berlin in new year 1997) splits his time up between many artistic activities. Along with Tom Thiel, he's one-half of the dub / hip-hop electronica duo Bus (released 2 albums and 3 x12" on Pole´s ~scape label).  He also runs alongside Marcop  Haas (aka T.Raumschmiere) and Florian Schmieg Random Noize Musick GmbH incl. labels as Shitkatapult, Musick and his own dub experimental imprint Meteosound aswell as the Random Noize publisher company.

On top of all this, Daniel frequently plays DJ sets to accompany Bus shows or with Shitkatapult, Oceanclub Radio or Scape, in which he spins a variety of music. This can include everything from abstract elecronic or mellow reggae, roots and hip-hop early in the night to dancy techno and house music at the end of the night. DAniel Meteo released his solo debut album „Peruments“ (Meteo 20) in 2006 and several club vinyl 12“ on the labels kalk pets and meteosound. In september 2009 his second solo album „WORKING CLASS“ will be released by SHITKATAPULT.

www.meteosound.net     info@meteosound.net     www.shitkatapult.com


Daniel Meteo – WORKING CLASS
Daniel Meteo – Working First Class
Daniel Meteo – The Beat Of The Heart
Diverse - Demand vol.01 (feat. D Meteo, Fenin/meteo, Digital M)
Daniel Meteo - Memento
Daniel Meteo – Peruments
BUS feat. MC Soom-T - Feelin' Dank
Meteo/Thiel - Go Mixes
BUS feat. MC Soom-T - Diamond EP
Meteo/Thiel  - Bass And Go
BUS + MC Soom-T - Middle Of The Road
BUS feat. MC Soom-T - Keep Life Right
BUS - Westen EP

Exclusive Compilation - Tracks
BUS + Dabrye - What Is Paris?
BUS feat. Paul PM - Dancehall Queen
BUS feat. Earl 16 - Simple Way
BUS – Ticket
D METEO - Red Roof
A/B vs. MINA - a to dub
Meteo/Thiel – Peru
BUS - Treasure Island
BUS - Tamed Lion

Triola - Neuland (bus remix)
Masha Qrella - My Day (bus remix)
Apparat - Silizium (bus remix)
Lena - Mountain Dub (d meteo remix)
The Orb + Soom-T - aftermath (bus mix)
The Orb - Green Ginger (bus remix)
Mikkel Metall - Brond (bus remix)
2raumwohnung - Ich Weiss Warum (bus)
Komeit - Saturday Night (bus remix)
DNTEL - Fear Of Corners (bus remix)