Bus - biography

Bus approach at a leisurely speed. Since their inception in 2001 Daniel Meteo and Tom Thiel have zigzagged their dub double-decker between a handful of stops to release their music into this world. Besides a chronic lack of time this is less of a concept, but rather a freedom they claim to tackle ideas spontaneously and with the right impulse. When it comes down to it, their common love of reggae can always be relied on as an ignition and directional musical compass. It comes as no surprise that Daniel Meteo and Tom Thiel would meet one day, as both are heavily involved in Berlin's musical menagerie. Daniel runs his own experimental dub label (Meteosound), stages acclaimed events with a focus on local electronic music and places the artist rosters of ~scape, Meteosound, Ocean Club and Shitkatapult at the right clubs worldwide with his booking agency flow-er. Tom Thiel, on the other hand, was already writing international headlines a decade ago as "Sun Electric" (together with Max Loderbauer), followed by their experimental live improvisation project "s.e. electric". In addition, the technician of Berlin's "Ocean Club" around Gudrun Gut and Thomas Fehlmann constructs virtual homes on the Internet (e.g. for 2raumwohnung and Meteosound) as well as tweaking remixes for friends like Contriva, Rechententrum or 2raumwohnung as TTT. Naturally, the Ocean Club has become a playground for Daniel's various activities, too. This much on the duo's time-consuming extracurricular activities Bus create their electronic dub on two Powerbooks to then enrich it with elements of hiphop and minimal electronica. At the same time, they are eager to cultivate intense collaborations with other musicians - like MC Soom-T who, on their latest album "Middle of the Road", became less of a guest and more of a temporary project member. In this context "project" might sound a little awkward, but calling Bus a "duo" wouldn't really do them justice, either, while "band" might also be misleading. When it comes down to it, Bus are most of all about the joint communication of musical ideas. Initially devised separately by each member, they later work out the common ground between the elements both like. To Bus, reggae is not a way of life - quite the contrary. Rather, they eliminate sticky clichés and invest the structure with their own, emotional spirit and understanding of the music they both venerate. Another characteristic is their pragmatic, ideology-free use of the laptop as an instrument. Daniel Meteo: "The laptop offers us "normal" instrumentation like guitar, bass, harp or piano just as much as the crackly-Max-MSP-stuff. As we love using both, we really appreciate the freedom it allows us".