Random Noize Musick / Budde Music and Cristian Vogel

-Jun 11, 2015-

RNM and Budde Music have established Edition Cristian Vogel,representing the distinctive Vogel sound ranging from pioneering techno experiments of the 90′s to his current futuristic composition and cutting-edge sound design.

cristian vogel 1994

Born in Chile, raised in the UK and currently living in Berlin, Cristian Vogel has been for over two decades at the vanguard of European electronic music where his work has been acknowledged as an outstanding influence in the fields of composition for stage, club culture and studio. Cristian produced his first record in 1990 which was minimal breakbeat in style. In 1991, he started studying "20th Century Music" at the Brighton University where he was supplied with a modern studio for the first time. In 1992, he sent a demo tape to Dave Clarke : the result was Cristian's first official release "The Infra EP". His first longplayer "Beginning To Understand" followed years later. From this moment on, he was booked for gigs all over Europe. In 1997, Cristian started working with Jamie Lidell under the name "Super Collider". Within his record label "Rise Robots Rise" he also founded the no-future-forum, a discussion platform for musically like-minded people. In 2002, Cristian returned to his solo-electro-acoustic-compositionstyle and composed four scores and live soundtracks for choreographer Gilles Jobin from Switzerland. Cristian's current album "Polyphonic Beings" was released in 2014 via Shitkatapult.

Random Noize Musick and Budde Music warmly welcome Cristian to the family!