New album by OVAL

-Nov 17, 2010-

Oval, Random Noize Musick's latest artist, released his new album O in various formats on ThrillJockey: as 2-CD, double LP and Oh-EP; altogether 76 Tracks!!!

Here are some press quotes:

"A triumphant return for Oval, both musically and intellectually. This is meta music for the soul." - FACT Magazine

"Where there used to be glitches and electronic noise there are now guitars and drums. But that is the least important thing on "O". What is truly relevant, his distinguished past aside, is that Oval has done it. Again. He has given birth to a record that could and should change the route of modern music." -

"It's one mark of genius that the more you try to be different, the more you sound like yourself. It's wrong to overstate the continuities over the immediately obvious difference, but this music could only have been made by one man." - WIRE

"Incredibly, through a ten-year gap, complete shift in approach, software and even ideology, Popp has still managed to make what still sounds like an Oval album - possibly the best one of his career." -

"O is delicate and precise, supremely detailed and guided by beautiful, yearning melodies that evolve in slow motion (...)  it's up there with 2010's best". - THE GUARDIAN

"The floating, lively and energetic music on these two formats simply cannot be passed over this year. Reinventing yourself can hardly be done any better." - De:Bug

"To call Oval an electronic music pioneer is like saying James Joyce ‘kinda did things with novels.'" -The Stool Pigeon

"That Popp is able to work all these elements into anything remotely rhythmic is testament to his programming skills; that the end result is so endlessly listenable, is miraculous. "New start" or not, O is a work of vibrant and often brutal beauty that proves good things really do come to those who wait." - The Quietus

"Bela Bartok, John Cage, Brian Eno. And...Oval." - SPEX

 "The new Oval sounds clean and quick, with each pluck, quiver, and beat standing out in stark relief... O is not a retro move, but the work of an artist dealing with the now." - Dusted

"A guitar dangling over his shoulder and equipped with a remarkably unconventional approach to harmony, Popp is doing things his own way, walking hand in hand with his laptop and finding the perfect medium between personal expression and computer-aided composition." -

"Oval's double CD O is deliberately enigmatic yet immediately entertaining, nothing short of a small masterpiece." - YourFlesh Mag

"Listened to closely, each track reveals a precise and jewel-like structure, while in it totality, O refuses any intimation of form that might restrict the experience of listening to it. With its constant changes in tempo, O appears to stretch time elastically, becoming seemingly endless." - BBC Music Review

"It's lovely, it's pleasantly unsettling... It takes a very different route from his earlier work. If it ends up in a very similar place that just suggests his musical sensibilities have been asserting themselves all along." - Pitchfork

"Popp is smart enough to achieve the unheard, deft enough to have a signature sound without doing the same thing over and over again. Like Eno 20-plus years ago, his work is not only superlative, fascinating and totally listenable, it's a template for future research." - Mike McGonigal