New Album Production

-Jun 11, 2015-

Dieter Meier – Out Of Chaos. The album was produced by Nackt, Ben Lauber and T.RAUMSCHMIERE

Dieter Meier

Dieter Meier, the legendary voice behind Swiss electropop-pioneers YELLO, the man who made the expression „OH YEAH" world famous, impressed with his crackjaw rap in "BOSTICH" even the Afroamerican HipHop scene.

YELLO have never considered themselves (aside from two exceptions) as a live act, but as an art-act, that interacted with their fans mostly via DIETER MEIER's video shorts. A fact that passionate performer MEIER kept suffering from. A little bit at least.

Teaming up with a number of session musicians under the artistic direction of production team Nackt (Apparat / Warren Suicide et al.), Ben Lauber, and techno-producer T.Raumschmiere, DIETER MEIER has just recently finalised the recordings of his electro-chanson album "OUT OF CHAOS".